Create Your Own Value Proposition, Recruit Customers to Spread It

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Found a great “messaging” (marketing) question and conversation on Quora. “What is the best way to communicate a value proposition?”  The answer from John Greathouse’s (and related blog post) is a mini-MBA course in creating messages and getting them out for startups and small businesses.  Especially B2B companies, though the lessons apply to consumer businesses too.

Greathouse, a serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor, recommends that you enlist your customers and partners (messengers) to communicate your value proposition.

However, you’re the best one to create your company’s value prop/message.  He doesn’t recommend delegating message creation to an outside firm.  He says:

Control your messaging by crafting it yourself and exciting your messengers to the point that they willingly deliver your company’s message on your behalf.

One of the ways he suggests is to develop your company’s value messages in as third-party quotes, articles and product reviews.   Greathouse has also learned through experience that adding a logo next to a “messenger’s” quote is a lead generator and a sales booster.

Here is the link to John Greathouse’s full must-read post, Thrill The Messenger – How An Entrepreneur Can Put Words In Media Messengers’ Mouths.

Service-Now, an IT Services management startup (launched in 2004) uses webinars with its customers to share the message.  Video testimonials are great too.  But if an audio-only webinar is more in line with your shoestring budget, check out this webinar from Service-Now. Click here.

Share your experiences on how using customers as messengers has worked –or not worked.  See the handy comments below.

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